Mouth Herpes – What are Its Symptoms and Consequences?

Herpes on mouth, something you cannot hide despite of making thousands of efforts. Mouth herpes is not that much painful, but the embarrassment a herpes patient goes through is ultimate. It seems like the herpes on the face are yelling out, telling everyone that this man has herpes. Yes, this is the feeling only a mouth herpes patient can relate to. Every night we sleep in a mouth herpesterror of waking up with a cold sore on the face next morning. Every morning before even brushing our teeth we check up our skin closely to verify that there is nothing wrong today and we can go out freely. Living with herpes virus inside is like this only. At night you are worried about something and during day time something else related to herpes is on your mind. Reading it is easy and you don’t get Goosebumps, but living such a life is unimaginable. Every time something about your mouth and herpes is on your mind. You cannot work with full concentration, and forget about working, a herpes patient cannot even sleep properly. A small strand of virus creates so much of pressure on your mind and turns you world upside down. Have you ever thought of how can the herpes simplex virus do it? Does it deserve that much importance? I don’t think so. I am too a mouth herpes patient and have gone through all the phases of the outbreaks but I disagree with the fact that herpes simplex vcan reach your mind. We will talk about it later on but firstly we must know all the other aspects related to mouth herpes.

Some Useful Information About The Cold Sores

We all know that mouth herpes causes cold sores, the really painful fluid filed blisters and itching on our face and inside of the mouth. But is this enough for a herpes patient? Is this all the herpes simplex 1 virus can do? No, this is information about mouth herpes but not complete information. Being a herpes patient you should know everything related to herpes. Every bit about the infection and every capability of the virus is a must know for you. Everything the virus can do to your body and mind, and everything you can do to the herpes simplex virus must be clear to you as it makes a huge difference. If you have the correct knowledge in appropriate amount, you can bring a good control in your life. For this you need information coming from authentic source, the web site you can rely on easily, the source with vast database about the disease.

Herpes simplex is the virus causing mouth herpes. 80% of the time, oral herpes is caused by herpes simplex type 1 and only in the rest of the 20% cases; herpes simplex type 2 is causing it. The infection is not life threatening, but yes it is definitely a life long problem. You may not suffer from the symptoms of mouth herpes everyday, but the virus will let you relax anytime, especially if you are exposed to myths related to mouth herpes often. The sudden outbreaks are one problem to deal with, and the horror of suffering from one is another challenge every herpes patient faces. Before knowing about the exact symptoms of herpes, one must be aware of the warning signs that mark the beginning of an outbreak. This way you can relax when you don’t have an outbreak and act when you have one. There won’t be a state of suspense bothering you every time. let us see some of the warning signals that would tell you about the outbreak and you will get time to prepare for the treatment of mouth herpes.

  • Unusual itching on the specific part of your mouth, generally on the lips.
  • Tingling near the lips or anywhere where else on the mouth marks the starting of an outbreak.
  • You will suffer from an outbreak of mouth herpes really soon if along with these you feel extremely tired
  • Fever is also common with many mouth herpes patients. Some of them suffer from it right before the mouth herpes outbreak, and others have it during the outbreak.
  • Sore throat is another warning sign which predicts about a future outbreak with precision.

oral herpesWith these changes in your normal body you can guess when you will suffer from herpes outbreak. Although these are the very common warning signs, you cannot say that everyone will go through the same every time they have mouth herpes outbreak. The symptoms of mouth herpes are different from person to person, and these are small warning signs, so you cannot predict whether you will see these signs in your body before an outbreak or not. With time and after a few outbreaks, you can find your own warning signs and make it a way to assess whether you will develop and outbreak the very next day or not. It will take time and experience to determine things precisely.

After the warning signs comes the turn of actual symptoms of mouth herpes. With mouth herpes and all other types of herpes infections, we cannot certainly tell the exact symptoms you will suffer from and the duration of mouth herpes outbreak also cannot be predicted. The first outbreak will be the most painful one and also the longest. Subsequent mouth herpes outbreaks are usually mild if you are not an exception. For some exceptional patients every outbreak is of the same intensity. It is because of their body type, lifestyle and food choices. But for all others the intensity of symptoms and duration of outbreaks reduces outbreak after outbreak. Following are the general symptoms of mouth herpes that almost every mouth herpes patient suffers from.

  • Rashes: You may suffer from rashes on your gums, throat or lips. Sometimes even your nose develops something odd like rash. Rashes are a temporary symptom of mouth herpes which after some time converts into something more painful like blister.
  • Cold sores: All of you know this. Even if you are not a herpes patient you must be aware of the fact that cold sores indicate the presence of herpes simplex virus in your body. Depending upon the variety of virus you are suffering from, one develops cold sores at different part of their bodies. In mouth herpes the most common place affect by cold sores is your mouth.
  • Itchy fluid filled blisters: These are the most painful symptom of herpes. Either the rashes converts into blisters or the cold sores later on become blisters due to development of fluid in them. Some of you might get fluid filled blisters directly. The itchiness makes you move your hand to the blisters every now and then, thereby making the chances of infection very high.
  • Fever: Fever is often seen either when the outbreak is about to hit you, or when the other symptoms of mouth herpes are at the peak.
  • Sore throat: Difficulty in swallowing and sore throat are the other two symptoms of mouth herpes commonly seen in almost every herpes patient. You will find it difficult to eat anything during mouth herpes outbreak.

This was all about the generally occurring symptoms of mouth herpes. The first outbreak will last for about 10 days and subsequent outbreaks will last for 3 to 4 days. These duration are also relative and you can decrease it with your efforts. Again if you are an exception the duration of your outbreaks can actually be double of the average duration. Now you know all the symptoms of mouth herpes, but do you know at what age you are highly likely to get this infection? Is it possible that your 5 year old child gets this infection from somewhere? These are the loopholes that result from incomplete information. Although genital herpes is common among the age when a person is sexually active, the same cannot be said about mouth herpes. If you have mouth herpes and currently the herpes simplex virus is present on your skin, you can even pass it to your infant. A very important fact but not known by many- herpes infection has no age barrier.

So now you know anyone can get mouth herpes, but something is still left. How is this virus transmitted? Does the transmission results from sexual activities only? If it is so, then how recently the herpes simplex virus nearly took the life of a 3 month old baby? Yes sexual activities with an infected person have high probability of transmission of mouth herpes, but this is not the only way by which you can get infected. There are so many channels through which the herpes simplex virus can travel from one person to another. It is surely not air but everything else common between two people living under the same roof. Let us see all the mediums of transmissions by which you can either get infected or become a carrier.

  • Your toothbrush can transmit the virus from your mouth to the other person using the same.
  • The towel you used recently can become a medium through which the virus enters into the new host.
  • If you have a habit of sharing utensils, or eating in the same plate, better change it if you are infected.
  • Apart from this, sexual activities involving an infected person can become a reason of infection.

The transmission can take place at any time. Any time means any time, when you have an outbreak, when you have just recovered from one recently or even when you are displaying no symptoms of herpes. It has nothing to with the current state of the virus; it is enough for you to carry the virus in your body to become a transmitter. Of course, the chances of transmission are very high during an outbreak, but they do not drop to nil if you do not have an outbreak currently.

Herpes simplex virus can bother us, but the extent up to which it can bother our brain depends on how much powerful we make it. Physical symptoms of herpes simplex are not completely under our control; in fact no drug can assure 100% control on the symptoms of mouth herpes, but this is not the case with the emotional and mental aspect of the disease. Of course no medicine can cure these factors of mouth herpes, but you should also know that there is no need of medicines to take care of the feelings of mouth herpes. If you know how to tackle the problem of mouth herpes, you will need no medicines, especially for the emotional part. The virus has no reach to your brain. Yes it erupts out of your skin on your face anytime, and also causes physical distress but the nuisance that is going on in your mind is completely your own creation and you cannot blame the virus for this. Let us first see the treatments for mouth herpes’ physical ailments and after this we will talk about coping up with the stress and pessimism introduced as a result of infection.

Preventing mouth herpes

Killing the causes of transmission is one way to deal with mouth herpes while treating the disease once it catches you is another. First you must know what you should do if you have someone infected near you. I am talking about the precautionary measures and not about making faces just because the other person has herpes.

  • Even if there are no symptoms, the virus may be active inside and can transmit to the uninfected person. It is hence recommended not to share personal items like toothbrush, whether you have herpes or you don’t have the infection.
  • Sharing infected crockery and cutlery such as spoons, forks, cups or drinking vessels should be avoided.
  • Sharing food in the same plate with an infected person is not the right thing to do especially when you know that the other person has herpes. Sometimes, in fact most of the times, the carrier himself is not aware that he is infected with herpes simplex virus and the above items are commonly shared among friend and family in that case.
  • Kissing a person with a cold sore herpes infection is also a very common way through which the virus easily gets into a new body. Sometimes cold sores disappear but the virus resides at the infection site for some more time. Even at this time kissing can lead to transfer of the virus. The most vulnerable time is right before the cold sores appear and just after an outbreak disappear.
  • Autoinoculation, when a newly infected infant, child, teenager, or adult sucks his or her thumb or licks a cold sore on the lip is also another way of transmission.

All these are must to dos if you have someone infected staying around you, but there is one more thing you should be aware of and that is- preventing mouth herpes transmission is not completely possible. Even with a vaccination you cannot sit relaxed that you won’t get it because all the methods discovered till now are therapeutic in nature and not preventive. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the preventive measures because they also are very helpful at many times. What you can do is make sure you follow the preventive measures for mouth herpes and in addition to this prepare yourself for the worst. That preparation includes the awareness of all the mouth herpes treatments. Let us see different ways of treating mouth herpes.

Remedies for Mouth Herpes:

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera for herpesYou can count on aloe vera no mater what health problem you have. In fact even when you do not have any health ailment, you can use it regularly to avoid future problems. Aloe vera is a synonym for magc as far as human health is concerned. There is no infection or digestive problem or skin issue that can not be treated with aloe vera and mouth herpes is one of them. You can easily use it in natural form. All you need to do is grab a small aloe vera leaf and rub it on wherever you have developed cold sores on your skin. This is better than using any other ointment as it is natural, effective and also side effect free. Read more to know details about the benefits of aloe vera for herpes.

Coffee and tea therapy

black coffee for herpesCoffee and herpes. Mouth herpes can be treated while sipping a cup of black coffee or placing the used tea bags on the cold sores. Black coffee is one of the best remedies to treat them. Blisters in the mouth cause severe pain. To treat them fast, you are required to prepare black coffee. Let it cool down and take a sip. Hold it in the mouth for some time. Move it onto the lips as well. For best results, repeat the process twice a day. Placing cold tea bags on the sores also is helpful in relieving the pain for sometime.


cornstarch for cold soresEven if you eat some amount of this, it is not going to harm your body and health at all. This is why cornstarch paste is the best treatment for mouth herpes. Talking about how to use cornstarch paste in mouth herpes treatment, it is very easy and simple. Measure out 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and place in a small bowl. Mix in 1 teaspoon of fresh water. Add more water slowly until you achieve a paste-like consistency. Put a dab on your cold sore before bed, and rinse off gently with water in the morning. Do this every night before you go to sleep until cold sore is gone from your face. Read more to get details about cornstarch and cold sores.

Try vanilla

Vanilla extract for cold soresDo you love the vanilla flavored ice creams? If yes then this is the right time to eat more and more of them if you have mouth herpes. Finally something is good about oral herpes, right! Since vanilla is alcohol based, it makes it really difficult for the virus to survive for long time. This enhances the drying process and makes the cold sores die quickly. It is hence advised to grab the pure form of vanilla extract and apply in slowly on the affected area. This is something specifically used to treat mouth herpes.

Olive oil

Olive oil for herpesOlive oil is my favorite, be it applying it on your skin, or it is about eating some amount because I am very well aware of the nutritional constituents and healing capacities of the same. In case of mouth herpes also olive oil is an excellent way of treating the cold sires, itchiness, redness, inflammation and other internal symptoms of herpes infection. Just by adding a few drops of olive oil to your diet can not only treat the current outbreak of mouth herpes, but it can also prevent the future outbreaks from disturbing the normal flow of your life. Do you think any antiviral prescribed by the doctor can do it for you? I don’t think so, at lest as per my knowledge there is no antiviral that leaves its effect for much time in your body. They treat you as long as you take them and then leave your body with side effects. You can use olive oil to treat mouth herpes anytime.

Almost 80% of the Americans are suffering from some form of herpes, either herpes simplex 1 or herpes simplex type 2, and I am also one of them. I am not ashamed of declaring that I have mouth herpes. Surprised? Have you ever felt shameful while telling someone that you caught cold recently? Did you hide your high fever from everyone in your office when you had high temperature the last time? I guess not, then why it is so special with mouth herpes? Why are you so scared of disclosure of your state of infection with herpes simplex 1? Do you spend most of your efforts hiding your infection rather than spending time on treating it? If you are one of those, then you are hurting yourself badly. More than herpes simplex virus itself, you are creating trouble for your body, health and life. The mouth herpes is not life threatening, but this approach of yours is really the one which can endanger your life and carrier. Change your perspective about mouth herpes and you will find the same change reflecting in the world.

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