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What Are The Symptoms of Mouth Herpes That Everyone Should Know ?

symptoms of mouth herpes

Symptoms of Mouth Herpes – Why Are They Horrible ?

Unfortunately, everyone is at the risk of getting cold sores and blisters on the mouth or lips. More than 50% of the population in the United States has oral herpes. Oral herpes is the most common form of herpes virus. Oral herpes is typically caused by herpes simplex virus or HSV1. You would not believe but the majority of children between 6 months to 3 years of age are exposed to herpes simplex virus 1 or oral herpes by kissing with friend and relative who are already a herpes victim.

Herpes has now become one of the most common topics of this time as millions of people get infected with this virus. It is a sexually transmitted virus which spreads through direct and indirect contacts with an infected partner. The virus enters your body through small cuts, abrasions or breaks in the skin and mucus membrane. Transmission of the virus from one person to another is very common when lesions or herpes breakouts are present. However, the virus can also be transmitted when there is no symptom at all. Symptoms of herpes can be visible or invisible depending on your immunity power.

mouth herpes

Symptoms of mouth herpes are really annoying and painful that is arduous to handle for any infected person. Symptoms of mouth herpes or oral herpes include red, small lesions on the lips and the area around the lips. Well, mouth herpes can also cause the symptoms of muscle aches and fever. Oral lesions usually reoccur and this is because the HSV virus remains dormant in your nerve cells throughout the year. Symptoms of mouth herpes can occur at any time and cause really severe pain and itching.

Primary Infection of Oral Herpes

Symptoms of mouth herpes are characterized as the first episode and then their recurrences. A primary infection with mouth herpes can be similar to the first episode of genital herpes, caused by herpes simplex virus 2. During the first episode, classic lesions lead to small fluid-filled blisters. Sores may also appear in the mouth, back of the throat and the lymph nodes in the neck may swell. Sometimes, symptoms of mouth herpes are very mild and go unnoticed. Subtle symptoms can easily be misunderstood for another infection or condition such as small crack or cuts in the skin, bug bite, pimples or chapped lips.


mouth herpes symptoms

A number of herpes patients experience the recurrence of herpes outbreaks. The symptoms of mouth herpes or oral herpes vary from person to person. Recurrence of herpes symptoms is the most painful and frustrating part of this virus. This can cause severe pain, itching and redness to the skin. Signs and symptoms of recurrent episodes tend to last about 8-10 days on average. Blisters or cold sores usually crust over during the healing phase. In the primary infection, the symptoms of mouth herpes are mild but then subsequent recurrent occurs. The frequency of herpes outbreaks or recurrence vary from person to person and decrease over time.

Only a herpes patient can understand the devastating herpes outbreaks and their debilitating pain. It seems really difficult to handle the symptoms of mouth herpes. True that the virus has no perfect cure for herpes but you can manage and control the frequent herpes outbreaks by taking some preventive measures. You need to eat a healthy diet to strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system prevents the occurrence of herpes outbreaks. It is also recommended to abstain from performing oral sex and kissing others directly on the mouth until the symptoms healed or your skin look normal again.

Now, you might have understood the mouth herpes symptoms and can easily identify them. Symptoms of oral herpes are difficult to conceal. You cannot hide your face or lips from the other people’s eyes. The best way is to treat them quickly. The good thing is that you can easily manage the symptoms of mouth herpes with some effective treatment options. Recent studies have found that herbal remedies are the best option to heal the herpes symptoms fast. Nature is the best cure for herpes. Herbal remedies without giving any unwanted side effects, treat and heal the symptoms of mouth herpes quickly. You can try any of the herbal ingredients at home to get rid of herpes symptoms fast. Overall, every person should know the herpes symptoms to treat them and stop their spread to others.

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Mouth Herpes Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Mouth Herpes Signs, Symptoms And Treatment

Herpes Skin Infection In Mouth

You might have feeling something unusual with your skin and this unusual feeling might have been with you for longer period of time then you should be aware of the fact that this could be skin infection. If you are experiencing cold sores, a group of painful blisters and pustules either on your mouth or on your genitals then you should be aware of the fact that you might be affected by herpes virus. cold sore stages Herpes also known by herpes simplex is a kind of virus that usually affects your skin and causes infection on your skin and this virus is responsible for symptoms such as cold sores, painful blisters and pustules, redness of the skin, itching, irritation and lesions surrounding your lips. There are two types of herpes virus that relate to herpes family and these viruses affect distinctive part of your body. Herpes simplex virus 1 usually affects mouth and its surrounding area such as your tongue, lips, chin, eyes and its surrounding area. Herpes simplex virus 2 also known   as HSV-2 usually affects your genitals but today we will talk about herpes simplex virus 1 also known as mouth herpes. The initial symptoms of this virus may vary the person to person but some of the common initial symptoms occur in the form of itching, burning sensation, tingling and irritation on your infected area. Later on these symptoms could be get worse and you may feel suffer symptoms such as fluid filled blisters around your lips and in your mouth, lesions that could be filled up with highly contagious fluids pain and many of these like symptoms during outbreak of this virus.

How Herpes Spread? | Natural Ways To Cure Mouth Herpes

This virus can be transmitted in you through physical touch only, for instance if you kiss a contaminated person, cuddling, if you share the pot with contaminated person or share contaminated objects like lip-balm, lipstick or any contaminated objects. You should be aware of the fact that herpes is highly contagious disease therefore it becomes imperative to have knowledge about this infection as it could help you prevent herpes and in treatment as well.natural treatment for oral herpes Herpes virus is not curable and once if you have been affected by this virus then there is no way to pull out this virus from your body or you can’t even kill it in your body because when it is inactive it hides deep into your cells and medications don’t work on it effectively but yes, there are many options available to cure its symptoms. You can either go for prescribed medications or natural treatment option the choice is yours but side effects of prescribed medications can bother you so I would recommend you to go for natural herpes treatment options as this option could be the best option for you. There are no side effects of natural treatment and it will help you wipe out symptoms of this virus from your body much earlier than any other option. You can use aloe vera gel as no other natural herb or plant is as nutrition-dense as aloe vera. It is full of antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that could work like panacea in herpes treatment. Honey can also be used as it is also anti-inflammatory agent as well as natural dryer that can dry your lesions. Baking soda, Echinacea, ice-cubes, lemon-balm etc can also be used for effective herpes symptoms cure.